Sunday, 15 February 2015

Section: I wish/I can

You know sometimes we want something cool from high brands category, but our finance doesn't afford us to buy these pieces of fashion art. So, I would like to open a new section in my blog named as " I wish/I can". This section is a chance to offer the variants how to buy clothes, shoes and accessories alike to Valentino, Dolce, Chanel, etc not paying great sums.

My first "I wish" is a red Valentino dress (about 150 000 Rub.).

I found "I can" on OASIS Store
(about 4500 Rub)
Mostly the same, but more beneficial)


  1. girl , I can totally relate! that dress is everything! hope to see you on my page soon toox stay in touch:)

  2. this dress is fabulous for party, love it!

    MyBlondeGal blog

  3. Отличный пост, обычно для меня это вопрос с поиском ткани и время на пошив изделия!

    1. Мне кажется тебе легче в этом плане, что-то нравится, сшила, да еще и получше,чем то, что на картинке в журнале)

      Спасибо, что заглянула)